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Hot Chip

20:30 - 21:30


Hot Chip is a seal of approval that has guaranteed eight consecutive grands crus since 2004, safeguarded from loss of quality. They are goddamn tasty grapes those men are harvesting over there in their London studio.  We ourselves have already had the opportunity to experience the English dance/indie machine up close a few times and what Hot Chip brings is a steamy sauna experience but with beats and a solid funk carpet pad. One moment you are dancing as if the synthpop of the 80's never left the building, then your ears enjoy the sultriest sounding Princefunk, while your nostalgic heart is indulged by the 70's funk that make you long for platform shoes and colorful dance floors. Seventies? Did someone say the decade after The Beatles? Disco! We hadn't mentioned that yet! And even then, we don't feel like we've fully described the musical maze called Hot Chip yet. Because at regular intervals their automatic bolts up a gear and before you can shout RAAAAAAAAVE you're already thinking of crush waltz called Soulwax. And even then, and this is the nice thing about Hot Chip, even petitioners with an ugly mustache and too-short pants venture out in the middle of the dance floor to try out two or three moves. And that's fine. No seriously, that's more than fine because why do you think this band is so liked by the Lokerse Feesten management, a motley collection of ugly mustaches and too-short pants? With the fantastic "Freakout/release" (2022) under their belt, Hot Chip has been touring the planet for quite some time now, so we can say that by now their live show has warmed up to the point that the packed field that Blur is guaranteeing that Tuesday, August 8, will be completely flambéed and madly dancing by the end of their set.