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Club Studio Brussel
  • Origin: Belgium
  • Socials:


We once saw ILA, the trio from Peer around singer Ilayda Cicek, perform live on television in the studio of De Zevende Dag. To somewhat spare the eardrums of the presenters, politicians and other dignitaries, we had to do so with the volume knob turned to H of Hou u wat in. However, anyone who has ever seen the Limburg sensation play in a hall or at a festival knows: rock is made to blow your eyebrows and upper lip back and you can say the same of roll. At the time of this announcement, ILA's record is populated by a handful of successes: in addition to EPs "Montage" (2019) and "Felt" (2021), we note a few modest radio hits like "Leave me dry" and "Love to live. Chalk it up, however: the best is not only yet to come but in the meantime is even knocking on the front door because newborn "All Again" is so good that we secretly hope and expect it to end up in the cab of a train traveling the world to introduce all nations to a 90's vibe. When PJ Harvey and Nirvana ruled the planet and everyone asked for tips on where to order a t-shirt of The Breeders and Sebadoh. First stop: no idea but sometime in August - Monday, August 5 at our Club Studio Brussel - the train will stop in Lokeren. By then full album "Ayna" will be in the window of your record store and ILA will undoubtedly be playing overtime in your Spotify lists.