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Jack Vamp & The Castle of Creep

Club StuBru
21:15 - 21:45


Vive la Belgique. Those who kick a fat tree in cities like Kortrijk, Leuven, Ghent or Hasselt always have a prize and see plenty of promising bands swirl down. One of those tree confrontations in Hasselt a few years ago resulted in the landing of JACK VAMP & THE CASTLE OF CREEP and everyone knew: hold on to your pots because there's going to be a lot of breaking. Jack Vamp = Arthur Boussiron and The Castle of Creep is the bunch of rotten-talented musicians who know how to turn Arthur's micey and weird twists into exciting sounds. Don't ask us to put a genre on it as the group cycles past such diverse chapels as indie, surf, soul, new wave, stimulus pop and melancholy. Perhaps you should listen to latest single "Jack's tendency," a delightful pop song that could have been made in either 1982 or 2023. JACK VAMP & THE CASTLE OF CREEP will play at our Club StuBru on Saturday, August 5. You are hereby invited to come dance along.