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  • Origin: Netherlands
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On Sunday, August 11, we chase one phenomenon after another onto our stage. Joost Klein, for example, or simply Joost. Fans of the Dutch twentysomething are usually young, a little odd - a screw isn't necessarily tight - and constantly looking for a party. By now you understand that in Joost they have found an ideal guide. This festival has already presented you with more unusual poultry, but with Joost we serve you the absolute head bird. His CV reads like a walk through an amusement park, the video clips taste like cotton candy and the beats are made to make a ride in the bumper cars or a roller coaster even less attractive for those over fifty who already have to look up whether that one ailment is an incipient form of rheumatism. Joost once began as a YouTube phenomenon, a fairly new professional category in which Acid also excels. It should come as no surprise that the two would one day end up in the studio together, for what eventually became "Go Acid". Now, Joost may be the personification of ADHD and the Praise of Folly, but his lyrics very often testify to the maturity that irrevocably also awaits him. And although he mainly appeals to the youth, he is not afraid to cover "Ik wil je" by the Kreuners or to throw "Englishman in New York" in a blender and spit out "Friesenjung". Moreover, he recently pocketed the winning ticket: he gets to go to the final of Eurosong 2024. Douze points from Brussels, Belgium. And a few months later: half a point more from Lokeren, also Belgium.