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Kleine Crack & Slagter

Club StuBru
21:00 - 21:30
  • Socials:


Actually, we thought our youngest visitors were ready for a hip-hop act at the children's afternoon. While going over the list of potential performers, someone called out KLEINE CRACK & SLAGTER. Okay, we thought, let's have a listen. During the meeting of the Lokerse Feesten junta, suddenly their track "Haat Mij/Gedachtengang" resounded. Really, then it would be better to invite that clown from 'It' or a Norwegian black metal group to entertain the toddlers. The hip-hop of Kleine Crack & Slagter sometimes sounds downright terrifying and dark like the armpit hair of a goth. When we took a look at the video of "Masker van Max" on a rainy autumn night and analyzed the lyrics at the same time, we didn't sleep one damn weekend. Music best enjoyed with beta-blockers or a cigarette full of St. John's wort. But still: incredibly fascinating and exciting. In passing, we throw in another listening tip: 'I moet u niet', who does not like this is ripe for Tien om te zien. On Wednesday, August 9, you can experience all these bouts of genius live at our club. St. John's wort can be found at the local pharmacy, the leaves for your cigarette you will have to buy elsewhere.