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K's Choice

21:30 - 22:30


The brothers gonna work it out. And by the brothers we mean: Gert and Sam Bettens, since 1993 the linchpin, the brain, the voice, The Beatle, The Stone, the guitar prodigy, the flour, the baking powder, the songwriter, the other songwriter, the face and shoulders of K'S CHOICE, The great LL Cool J once shouted, "Don't call it a comeback" but when we took in last year's single 'Time is a parasite' we dared to contradict our New York copain somewhat. It's not that K's Choice has been very generous with new songs in recent years, but when what's on offer tastes as good as 'Time is a parasite', we're able to see through at least ten fingers. The song counts down in the best Commander-in-Houston, Texas tradition and immediately shoots off like a rocket to the moon, or some other nearby planet. The guitars sound the way we prefer to hear them with this band: menacing to those who don't wear earplugs. Live, this should create a wall of sound that they are going to be able to measure up to 't Kapellen town hall. We are so happy to finally welcome Bettens and Bettens - after thirteen fruitless attempts - to this village of ten-day festivals. We will give them a full square and an evening of headaches. Headache yes, you do it in their place, choosing ten to fifteen songs from a basket of up to a hundred pearls. They reciprocate our gesture with a thick hour of euphoria full of sing-alongs and dampened tears. Make sure you have nothing else planned on Saturday, August 12, and buy your ticket on time.