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Club Studio Brussel


Pop music has been around, we estimate but hear, 70 years and it took until 2023 for a compatriot, LOVERMAN, to put together a record about love that touches your heart like only an arrow from Cupid can. Drenched in heavenly and timeless melodies, the man puts his finger on every pain point that heartbreak brings. Result: a record full of sorrowful storytelling that evokes the same atmosphere that hopelessly romantic chroniclers like Leonard Cohen or Lee Hazlewood knew how to create time and again. Loverman's real name is James De Graef and has a past in groups that specialized in whirlwind music, genre Shht. Well, then, this record is different cookie. Pure beauty that has passed through no hands other than his own and thus sounds completely unadulterated. You listen, you smile but that smile only serves to counteract the drops of melancholy in the corner of your eye. For that matter, listen to "Into the night" or "Someone out of sight. If you are still not convinced by then, you are a statue and deserve masses of caked pigeon shit on your head and bark. Loverman plays at our club on Saturday, August 10. Everyone is welcome, but please know that anyone who has ever been left with a broken heart will finally find their matching soundtrack that night.