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20:00 - 21:00


Once again Dave Mustaine knocks the dust off his jacket, crawls upright with a dogged grin and scores a comeback to grunt at. He doesn't know how many setbacks the Megadeth frontman has overcome in the meantime, but there are many. Last time it was a horror sickness and a strange dismissal of a band member but look, with all those ingredients he bakes yet another tasty cake full of solid metal and leftover thrash to decorate the icing. "The sick, the dying ... and the dead" (2022) is the name of his record and, like its memorable predecessor "Dystopia," it too does not dip below the quality threshold that legendary predecessors like "Peace sells ... but who's buying" (1986) or "Rust in peace" (1990) drew in the sand. Consequently, the man has been firing good ideas and classic riffs faster than his own shadow for years, and he does so time and time again in the bullseye. Or in the back door of that lout of a neighbor who's already calling the cops because you're listening to Megadeth way too loud, could be too. Dave Mustaine is responsible for some of the most airbrushed metal songs of all time. Not necessarily released under the Megadeth name, as you know. You know, we're overjoyed to announce Megadeth, we're thrilled that Dave is healthy and well, and our feelings lean toward euphoria because the man and his band are coming to Lokeren to give another master class in guitar riff playing, on Sunday, August 6.