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23:10 - 00:10


We wanted to cleverly start this introduction by writing something à la: Metejoor's career shot off like a meteor, but Wikipedia teaches us that a meteor is not the same as a comet. So there we go into the fog. Less fog surrounds the Flemish pop sensation himself because the man - nom de plume of Joris van Rossem - is truly everywhere and is more in the spotlight these days than Alexander De Croo, Wout Van Aert and Marc Van Ranst combined. It's telling: his 2021 debut CD, also simply called "Metejoor," is actually already a best of. Eat that, Nirvana! Beat it, Michael! Since everyone has that record in their house, we're not going to say too much more about it because you know that "Horizontaal," "Blij om jou te zien" "Dit is wat mijn mama zei" and "1 op een miljoen" are on it. For the pop quiz fans: don't get caught, it is not a cover of Tröckener Kecks. The only pity about that record is that it did not go to the Song Contest with 'Rendezvous', as it would have won and years after Pas De Deux it would finally have been justice for that song title. Metejoor targets young and old, targets heart and dancing legs. Almost and steamily, he and a new generation of artists (Pommelien Thijs! Merol! S10!) have managed to shake the layer of dust off the Dutch language and make it hipper than a smartphone or ChatGPT. Metejoor is part of our Day-With-Four-Headliners, on Friday, August 11.