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Oh well, we thought, let our friends at ChatGPT get off their lazy asses and write an announcement. Using the keywords "Phoenix," "3" and "August," we did get some results, but whether we are satisfied with them?  "Phoenix is the capital of the state of Arizona and if you are there around August 3, we at ChatGPT rather strongly advise you not to dress too thickly because it can be so hot there in the shade that your ear hairs will spontaneously smolder. Besides, scorpions and rattlesnakes are crawling around there whose stings and bites are more vicious than the sattersnap in a Blur café." No, that's not what we were looking for after all because we would like to announce French bandPHOENIXforSaturday, August 3. Metier? Writing perfect pop songs. Do they manage to do that? Well, there are many bands who are only too happy to offer you some goodies but in Phoenix's fancy box there is only pure gold. Take their latest record "Alpha Zulu" from 2022: for two years in a row they have been palming our Spotify Wrapped with the singles "Identical," "Alpha Zulu" and "Tonight" launched from it. Phoenix is not the group that explodes a hundred billion bombs while Teutonic beats drive the population of Ostend toward shelters, but connoisseurs cherish that band as the first Valentine's Day gift from their sweetheart, and have been since the year 2000. August three will be the day we finally get to raise our blue, white, red flag once again and proudly hoist it at the entrance. An hour of top songs as heart-warming as a summer day in Phoenix, Arizona, do you want to miss it? ChatGPT, what does "regret afterward mean?