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Anyone who was young in 1988 and ran away from Paula Abdul and Rick Astley screaming and screaming with tires was run off the road at some point once EP "Come on pilgrim" (1987) and LP "Surfer rosa" (1988) abruptly took their right of way and smashed everything and everyone. Two records on a small but excellent English label (4AD) that carried the power of a locomotive and immediately swept a whole scene that to this day makes chunks in the alternative charts. The name of the group was Pixies and indie rock immediately became a degree or 33 more exciting. The Pixies' career lasted a few more years, after which their role was taken over by the Kurt Cobains and Billy Corgans of this world. What did remain: the incredible healing power of world songs like "Where is my mind?", "Bone machine" or "Gigantic. Meanwhile, for two decades the whole world continued to groan for a reunion and Deo Gratias, since 2013 the Pixies are back in the windows of the better record stores at regular intervals. Or the remaining record stores, rather. Result: even more exciting material that Black Francis and his companions cram into their valises when they fly to Europe in early August and land on an aerodrome near Lokeren to show the masses on Monday, Aug. 5, what a treasure trove of pure gold that group has written together. This is going to sell out, you know that too, and so there is no point in stalking our call center with entreaties when you are too late.