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Pommelien Thijs



Yes officially of course it is POMMELIEN Thijs but how is it with the greatest of all, a snippet of name is enough to make everyone shift to the edge of their seat, after which a unanimous "Aha!" echoes through the room. You had that with Gandhi too, with Lennon. And Chaplin. Okay, Pommelien may be a little less funny than the latter, but when it comes to singing and dancing, Charles is just a four-hour snack, something to quell a small hunger, Pommelien sings and dances a whole menu together. How it all began for Pommelien only Wikipedia knows, from memory we dig up #LikeMe, among other things. Her breakout towards the highest regions of the charts as well as the biggest stages must have happened somewhere in the middle of the pandemic and since then Pommelien Thijs has become Pommelien. The singer became a role model as well as a rock'n roll model. Take the world song 'Erop of Eronder'. In three minutes she succeeds in restoring a completely jettisoned genre like pop punk in all its blink182ing glory as if it were nothing. Pommelien therefore has the strings of Flemish showbiz firmly in her hands, the strings along which thousands of girls inspired by her may find the courage to believe in themselves a bit more and take their chances in what they will undoubtedly do well. Meanwhile, she also considers the Netherlands to be conquered territory and is using Netflix to make the cast of Squid Game or La Casa de Papel forget them. Pommelien plays with us on opening night and single-handedly ensures that the audience is already dancing and singing ear to ear before Koen and Regi take the stage.