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Club StuBru
  • Origin: Belgium
  • Socials:


We were hopeful but once again during the last season of Liefde voor Muziek there was no mention of Psychonaut, makers of ear-destroying noise who have been blowing all kinds of domestic venues to smithereens for several years now. However, we would have loved to see Belle Perez swinging on their 'Violate consensus reality'' or Tourist LeMC performing 'The Fall of consciousness' or we're sure Marijn Devalck would be doing naughty things with 'Interbeing'. The times when heavy metal was identified with high-pitched screams, one-armed drummers or Gene Simmons coffins are already dozens of musical upheavals behind us. And down the throat of Belgian metal from the days of its infancy - Ostrogoth! Killer! Cyclone! - has in the meantime grown a stub of a dirty beard that helps make metal gradually become an important export product for this country. Psychonaut is playing at our underground club, on Sunday, August 6. Last year on metal day, numerous angry phones walked in because of the deafening noise that rose from our second stage. Complainants from Moerbeke! Moerbeke near Geraardsbergen, that is, not neighboring Moerbeke-Waas. Psychonaut plays another degree or three more intense and louder than the bands from 2022. A forewarned ear is worth two.