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Regi Live ft Linda & guests



Regi Penxten. Just about everything that passes through his fingers promptly turns into something suspiciously like gold. Get him to remix "Alle eendjes zwemmen in het water," "Sinterklaasje Bonne Bonne Bonne" or "Embryonic necropsy and devourment" by Carcass and by next summer he'll have the festival anthem of the year.

Anyway, a Regi show is never just a Regi show and this year a huge wave of emotion will sweep over the Grote Kaai when the one and only Linda Mertens suddenly appears on stage. Linda's hoped-for comeback has become such a media story in recent months that we will experience that concert as if The Entry of Christ into Brussels, the resurrection of Elvis ánd the comeback of Mister Spaghetti were all happening at the same time, and right in front of our party nose. Regi Live ft. Linda & guests will thus be the first emotional rave ever to take place in this country. Keep your handkerchief at hand but above all check whether the soles under your dancing shoes are still on point because above all this will be the dance party of the summer.