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19:30 - 20:30
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As if we weren't spoiling you enough on Friday, August 4, with Goldband, The Opposites and Merol, we are conjuring a fourth sensation out of our orange hat with S10. We cannot contain our joy: still so young and you should take a look at this list of honors. Collaborations with BlØf, Bazart or Froukje. Hitsingles ('Laat me los' you hum along more than you realize), a participation in the Eurosong Festival, full albums for which all the eulogies in the Netherlands and Flanders are blowing overtime and no hall in the Netherlands has empty seats when S10 plays there. S10 is also responsible for the most beautiful Dutch-language album title ever: "Ik besta voor altijd zolang jij aan mij denkt" (2022), forty-seven minutes of deliciousness for which she taps from dozens of musical vessels. Sometimes sweeter than a choclate eclair, often more modern and danceable than an evening of Fuse, in the heart of Marolles.  Free tip from the Lokerse Feesten notables: 'Hoor je mij', the sixth track on the LP. We haven't gotten more euphoric than that by a Dutchman since that goal by Dennis Bergkamp against Argentina at the 1998 World Cup. S10 especially gets extra points from the judges for her incredibly intelligent and honest lyrics. When S10 - we already said she's still very young, right? - pulls out a pen to come up with her lyrics she turns out to be wiser than Gandalf and more candid than a horoscope in the Story (Dutch magazine).  We keep repeating it: our legendary UNSOLD sign is being repainted in orange for the occasion this year. You have been warned.