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20:30 - 21:30


At the end of December Siouxsie finally announced a comeback. As expected, the reactions explored every possible stage of total euphoria. For hundreds of thousands of older youngsters, then, there is only one crown that counts: Siouxsie over decades of hits and accolades became one of the most important artists in rock history. The amount of classics that continue to condense packed dance floors years later is too vast to record on two A4 sheets. No, for the merits of this post-punk royalty, we must count on A3 size, recto/verso. Believe us, in the Lokerse Feesten offices, the vinyl copies of "Juju", "The Scream", "Kaleidoscope" or "Peepshow" have long been heralded and played. Siouxsie will play on Monday 7th of August, between national pride The Haunted Youth and headliner Placebo. By the way, the concert at the AB sold out on a quick whim in a back alley, please don't get caught this time, because full = full.