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Sisters of Mercy



The last time SISTERS OF MERCY (from Leeds, UK) released a record, George Bush The Elder was still president, Ten To See was running at full capacity and The Scabs and Arno were the real headliners of the Lokerse Feesten. As a fan, that may not make you happy but let's call a gray big-eared bat a gray big-eared bat: Andrew Eldritch - the Chief Sister - himself sold his shares of merriment and leute sometime in the late 1970s. Remains: a mountain of discography consisting of LPs and maxi-singles that the competition cannot help but listen to lying down, with a wet washcloth on the forehead. The number of contemporaries that reach the level of, say, 'Body electric' (1982), 'Walk away' (1984), 'No time to cry' (1985), This corrosion' (1987) or 'More' (1990) can be counted on the fingers of a two-fingered sloth and when the Sisters play the intro of 'Alice' or 'Temple of love' a core fusion of Genius and Euphoria arises that you normally only encounter at Italian weddings and after Toby Alderweireld's injury time goals. Although Eldritch and his comrades rarely walk through life as Pipo The Clown and Mamaloe, as far as we are concerned, it is very unfair to reduce this group to the dark image they have usually maintained; above all, this is an excellent rock'n roll group whose concerts are always welcomed by a symphony of shouts of joy. No fan as loyal as the Sisters Of Mercy fan. The Sisters will be playing at our place on Sunday, August 4, and thus the Lokerse Feesten will become the City Festivities for an hour. You can show us your gratitude by sending a black postcard to Grote Kaai, 9160 Lokeren. Or better yet, buy a ticket and practice your cries of joy.