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Skunk Anansie

23:00 - 00:00


Bought a giant crossword puzzle book today. Is on page 2 (4 horizontally): British rock group centered around singer Skin. (Two vertical): English word for weak. (Ten vertical): "Selling ... (English name of Jewish prophet, son of Mary and Joseph). (Fifteen horizontal): capital of the UK. (Twenty verticaa)l: English translation for charity. (Twenty-two horizontal): sixth day of the week. (Twenty-nine vertically): ten plus two. (Forty-two horizontal): Roman emperor, born in 63 for that young of 10 vertical.  Solutions? We only reveal SKUNK ANANSIE, and Saturday, August 12, the rest you puzzle yourself. Who ever saw Skunk Anansie: the scientist who manages to turn the power that that band displays on a stage into usable energy goes into retirement as a billionaire. Skunk Anansie has it all: hit singles, headbanging songs, dance songs, fragile love songs and a frontwoman you spontaneously kneel before. More to the point: Skin, that's her name, possesses such a unique and eternally youthful charisma that the pharmacist who can sell that in a family pack gives up his job with a castle, an amusement park in the Ardennes and a Brussels soccer team in his wallet.  Survivors they are, from a decade whose man with the scythe has already tackled about half of its main frontmen forever. That's why we know you welcome them with your warmest (fifty horizontally): expression of appreciation that involves rhythmic clapping of hands several times. In return, they will give you a concert that you can look forward to for another (fifty-seven vertical): plural of years.