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Club StuBru


Recently on Youtube we wanted to listen to "Unseen," a 2022 single by the French band Slift. Before the video channel wanted to show us the requested video, we had to endure a commercial for Dulcolax, we couldn't skip. It turned out to be a laxative. Now, we assure you: listen to Slift for ten minutes with the volume knob unchristianically turned far to the right and for a month you won't need any more laxative, all sphincter muscles spontaneously open wide due to the squash roller produced by the band from Toulouse. A cyclone of psych rock, scorching riffs, noise collages, guitar eruptions that physically hurt and all sorts of other noise reminiscent of crashing spaceships. My goodness, listen for yourself and spare us the impossible task of accurately describing Slift's sound. Meters-thick insulation around our basement venue will not be able to prevent the Lokerse Feesten grounds and surrounding streets from bursting, after their passage on Sunday, August 6. Who will pay for that again?