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Snow Patrol

23:15 - 00:45


On Wednesday 10 August we welcome none other than the Scottish Dundee band Snow Patrol to the Grote Kaai. Even if you think you don't know Snow Patrol, you do. Their hit single 'Chasing cars' was one of the most-played songs of the 21 st Century. Thousands of couples expressed their love simply by playing this unearthly beautiful song. That's the power of Snow Patrol: intelligent and inventive indie pop in a bath of melancholy. After a seven-year break they released their last album ‘Wildness’ (2018) with hit single ‘Don’t give in’ and other earworm-friendly tunes, underpinned by smooth vocals and agitated lyrics. Singer/songwriter Gary Lightbody has a knack for writing songs that are tailor made for large arenas. Melodic guitar and keyboard based tunes with dramatic build ups leading into choruses that practically beg to be sung at full volume by the audience. We’re sure you will be singing earworms for days.