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21:30 - 22:30


There are currently two major nitrogen debates going on in the patriotic media. One in which the orange and the blue and the yellow still prefer to drive each other's tractor into the ditch and one between fans of Stikstof. Not the chemical element but the Brussels group. Genre: which Stikstof songs should they definitely put in their live set and are there any songs that are so lame that the orange and the blue and the yellow can stick up their asses? Spoiler, regarding that last question: no, really not. Stikstof is unique, Stikstof is innovative and Stikstof is probably the best hip-hop crew this small patch in the middle of Europe has ever given birth to. The band consists of three cranky little kittens with a rhyme license under their broad arms, a sharp pen in their fingers and a big mug under their cap. Those who are still searching for any sense and thus consult the daily, pigeon-hole-marinated comments on social media think that this makes Brussels look a bit like Mordor, where purse snatching is taught in kindergarten or broken windshield wipers are used as ear candy. Enter Stikstof, who prove that our capital is much more a breeding ground of young talent and musical collaborations. So their latest throw is called "Swamp," made with the buzz of the Marolles, the bustle of Molenbeek's Gentse Steenweg or the clamor in Matonge in the background. It's all as Brussels as a plate of stew but to the farthest corners of this patch of land everyone goes wild to the unique sound of Stikstof. Three MCs and one DJ but you know: when Stikstof arrive, they never come alone. If they can, they invite all their neighbors and distant cousins and aunts and their old school teachers on stage. And that is exactly what promotes the good atmosphere and thus stresses our applause meter, which always has to go on retreat for a day after a Stikstof performance. So anyway, a double bill Stikstof/Cypress Hill. It's that kind of thing that wet dreams are made of. Be on time, on Wednesday, Aug. 9.