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The Afghan Whigs

21:45 - 22:45
  • Origin: United States
  • Socials:


We were asked to announce The Afghan Whigs and in normal times we would start with: mothers keep your daughters inside and daughters keep your mothers inside because Greg Dulli is coming to town. But these are not normal times and well, after more than two years of Covid, the need to go out and have some fun is big. With a fistful of rock’n roll, a bottle of soul, a scoop of bombast and a soft touch of melancholy, The Afghan Whigs will give you the booster you need to face the next wave. In preparation we recommend you to listen to their last release ‘In Spades’ (2017) first and then work your way back to their albums from the 90s. In a decade marked by ugly metal bands in hip-hop trousers or bickering brothers with way too much eyebrow, The Afghan Whigs felt like a welcome change. For those who have never seen The Afghan Whigs live: the group swings, rocks and moves, and singer Dulli’s voice goes through flesh and bone. So come and get your booster shot on our legendary indie night on Wednesday 10 August.