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The Interrupters

21:10 - 22:10
  • Origin: United States
  • Socials:


The Interrupters is a band from Los Angeles that consists of a female singer and the three Bivona brothers. There's no denying that there are a number of advantages to having so many family members in a band: it's impossible to forget each other's birthdays, and important decisions can be made at home while mum makes pancakes. But family or not: all the ska punk bands that have crossed the Atlantic are hereditary to the same parents: Operation Ivy, the mythical band that combined the swinging rhythms of the Specials with the venom of the Dead Kennedys. Of all the descendant bands, we think The Interrupters are the most talented. They were chosen to accompany Green Day on tour for a reason. ‘This is family', 'She's kerosene', 'Gave you everything' or 'Babylon': if you want your vocal cords to survive the concert, you will have to water them regularly. The Interrupters in concert will be the sensation of Punk Day on Monday 8 August.