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The Opposites

22:30 - 23:30


Just when your parents wanted to give you a drink because The Opposites seemed to have definitely split up they were suddenly back there, in 2019. We're talking about those notorious Opposites yes, Neerlands Hoop during boring summers.  Since then, the boys have had another couple of big festival shows behind them with the same result everywhere: no roof can stand up to this cyclone. Anyway, let us pretend for a moment that you have never heard of The Opposites so that we can have our say here. What do you need to know to be prepared? That their concerts guarantee an hour of sweltering chaos caused by pinball beats and swaying party music, that's already an important one. For the soundtrack of a morning prayer or a therapeutic Kumbaya moment, it's best to seek refuge elsewhere; this is the kind of show you don't need a pond of beer to get drunk as a Russian sailor. The kind of concert for which either Willy or the other, Big2, at some point takes the microphone in hand and shouts what Frank Deboosere concludes time and again when autumn temperatures turn out to be much warmer than in normal times : EVERYTHING TO HELL. And believe me, what follows is a streak of moshpit hip-hop that ensures everything effectively goes to shit. The Opposites also prove that you'd better think twice before taking those Thunderdome CDs to the thrift shop, as you may still need them if you're looking for some inspiration to make your live set even more explosive than it already is. So, we can't explain it any better actually. Your grandparents, raised on Kumbaya tunes and the John Lennons of this world, will never understand The Opposites. You, on the other hand, will willingly see every corner of our grounds for an hour on Friday, 4 August because believe us, no wallflower will stand up to this cyclone.