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The Selecter



It is no secret that for years the executive committee of the Lokerse Feesten has been housed in a prestigious castle surrounded by a dazzling park. Well, we don't invent this, but in the park there is a bunch of willows that have been halting for 165 years where their roots went into the ground long ago. Except once, one time we saw the old grunts skanking around the castle, guys anyway that was a sight! The unfortunately not filmed but wonderful scene happened when we put the cassette of "Too much pressure," the debut of the English group THE SELECTER, into our ghettoblaster and the play button assured us of half an hour of heavenly party music.  Honestly, we also can't list three LPs in a moment that fill us with the desire to dance as much as that record. The Selecter, born in the midst of the mess punk left in the streets, made songs that still fill wedding dance floors in the year 2024, but they had to do their thing in a country that was fighting race riots, Margaret Thatcher and massive factory closures that hit the working class like an arrow through the Achilles heel. The Selecter went to war with a camionette full of strong and happy songs and managed to connect in a way that the EBU clearly does not. The Selecter plays at our house on Sunday, August 4.  Come off, because on your radio ..., well you know: always the same show on your radio.