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During the last board meeting of the Lokerse Feesten, the question was asked: who feels like writing the announcement for the concert of TRENTEMØLLER, who is playing for Massive Attack on Saturday, August 10? After a very awkward and quiet quarter of an hour during which everyone was nervously staring at their own shoes or quickly typing something on their laptop, the dispute was settled by means of a tournament of blade/stone/scissors. The eventual winner actually did attempt one, but it ended in burnout. This is attempt number six. The problem is that Danish producer Anders Trentemøller races through life with a fuel tank full of versatility and bottomless inspiration.  You try summarizing the man's qualities in a 350-word text. You should check the list of artists who have approached him for one of his prestigious remixes (Franz Ferdinand, Depeche Mode, The Knife, Moby, Pet Shop Boys, ...), that will give you the same giddy feeling as when you are standing at the foot of a huge tower and you make the mistake of looking up. Own records then, his "The Last resort" is accepted by all at the top of 2006 year-end lists. Downtempo techno, dreamy house, weird disco, the list of adjectives and nouns is longer than that. In any case, Trentemøller marked a boundary and every dance producer from then on had to consider that album as a target, to possibly try to do better. A classic. What follows: the man comes to spin when you ask him nicely, but then puts together a band. Since then, he's been storming stages all over the planet with a spicy mix of indie rock, post-punk stuff and electronica. How you then dance to that is your own personal choice. More records followed, maxisingles too, collaborations, awards, soundtracks, ... You understand, the man orders a big box of Rilatine every few weeks in order to still find his own way in the musical maze he maps out in his head. Applaud him, celebrate him, cheer for him and most of all cheer for yourself because since his concert in the AB later this year is hopelessly sold out, we are giving you the chance to experience his highly idiosyncratic live show after all.