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Vive La Fête



Well, in all honesty: we found the media reactions after VIVE LA FETE's performance at our venue last year rather predictable. People spoke of raunchy electro rock, of dark synths and, of course, they had to talk about Els and Danny and the musical anarchy that ensues every time this gooey company is found near a stage. Honestly, we can do better than that. First, let us confirm that Vive La Fête is coming back this year, and this time they're going full-on for the main stage, where their indestructible and particularly raunchy electro-rock will turn not 1,000 but rather 10,000 heads. The recipe is familiar to you: dark synth sounds are in the ring to take on dirty guitars, and all of this is more or less led in sinuous directions by Els Pynoo, the wonderful fairy-meets-hellewoman who suddenly switches from sweet singing to high-pitched screams only to end in sixth, when she screeches until the foam of your beer flies into the air. You understand, a Vive La Fête concert is no ordinary dance party, indeed musical anarchy lurks around the corner when this gooey company can be found on a stage. Voilà, we have once again explained that in an original way. Finally, a small tribute to Danny and Els, on behalf of all the contributors to this fine festival. The Jennifer and Ben of Flanders Music Land. One we call Bennifer, Danny and Els we hereby christen Dans. You also know them from countless (photo) reports on their farm, where they live their own episode of All Beasts every day and retire in peace when they're not working on dark synths, raunchy electro-rock, musical anarchy and being utterly goofy in front of a delirious audience. To be experienced at our place on Sunday, August 4.