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Club StuBru
21:20 - 22:05


Warmduscher ... Well, the name does sound a tiny bit like the name of a German porn personality, known from the 1973 film "Der Warmduscher, die Lehrerin und die Zwei Nonnen."  Nothing could be further from the truth, Warmduscher is as English as a Lineker or a 007. WARMDUSCHER is even a real group, of the kind that elevates hopping from heel to heel to art. Postdisco likes to turn a tongue with postpunk at Warmduscher while their two hands reach for the crotch of modern indie and electronica, as if #Metoo were just that forgotten Chinese restaurant from Church Street. Sounds fun on paper, sounds phenomenal on a stage. Anyone who saw the group at Jools Holland or who has heard last pitch "At the hotspot" (2022) - or better: anyone who has seen them live before - also knows that anyone who is perfectly normal should not apply to Warmduscher. Crazy, danceable, loud and scorchingly exciting. And all at our Club StuBru on Tuesday, August 8.