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21:45 - 23:15


Does it ever happen to you, those nightmares that catapult you brutally out of sleep, after which you give your housemates a heartache from your screams? You arrive at the classroom with full courage for the French exam and to your dismay it turns out that the History exam is on that day? Well, we have. It's after nine in the evening on Thursday 10 August and you get a call from singer Jeff Tweedy telling you that his band Wilco has just parked in Nokere's market and that they don't quite know where the Nokerse Feesten grounds are, they don't see any people either. Panicking, Waze checks to see how far it is to drive from Nokere to Lokeren. Luckily, you shoot screaming awake and put on masterpiece "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" again by way of recovery, and then "Cruel country", the highly recommended record Tweedy and his mates donated to the world last year. Wilco maintains its status as the most hands-down indie band in the world because of that LP. As such, fans often don't keep dry when they sing of their love for those three consonants and two vowels, and records by Wilco are among the most popular gifts under the Christmas tree. We know you will draw a big red heart around the tenth of August on your almanac hanging on the fridge, we know you will stand open-mouthed when the indie heroes walk onto our stage and yes, we also know you will put on a jumper after 15 minutes because so much beauty makes the shivers down your spine even colder than they already were. Today, we are the proudest festival in the world because we can announce that a world band like Wilco is coming to play with us. To students : don't miss this and avoid re-exams. History continues on Monday the fifth of June, French three days after.