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Within Temptation

21:45 - 23:00


Within Temptation, headliner of our metal day, you can't really announce without bubbling drums, eerie electronic sounds, a humming guitar and an applause meter that won't hold up when Sharon, Robert and the rest of the troops finally take the stage. Within Temptation, you know them and you love them so any letter we devote to this announcement is basically a waste of space. And yet, anyone who recently saw the group busy together with Evanescence at Palace 12 will find it hard to stop talking about the magic that still emanates from this wonder group. You know why you are in the front row and you know what you are getting: bombastic hard rock with a gothic edge that reduces the great symphonic rock bands of the 70s to something like 't Kliekske or Katastroof. Add to that a light show that guarantees you dozens of wow moments, metal riffs, sing-along hits and a singer who never gives up her throne. Many have tried, others will take their chances but there can only be one Daenerys Targaryen of contemporary metal. No more discussion about that. The records then, they all sound the same and offer nothing new, don't they? Go rinse your mouth with molten lead, cynical sad frog. And listen to "Resist" (2019) again while rereading a dozen reviews published at the time. Summary of praise? Innovative (yes!), beautiful, stunning, ten potential singles and every reviewer hesitates between four stars and the maximum. You can't really close an announcement like this without dying drums, eerie electronic sounds, an ever-silent humming guitar and an applause meter that won't hold up because Within Temptation is one of the headliners of our metal day, on Sunday, August 6.