From 1975 until now ...

Lokerse Feesten is a 10-day music festival in the city centre of Lokeren, a town located between Ghent and Antwerp.

The festival exists since 1975 and in the course of those years it has welcomed some really big music stars. In 1994 the festival relocated to the Grote Kaai, only a couple of 100 meters further from the original location.

Every festival evening up to 14.000 visitors can enjoy a different music genre, ranging from pop, rock, dance to metal and punk.

This makes us part of the select group of best festivals held in Belgium.

On top of that, our organisation can count on a team of over 700 enthusiastic volunteers, the backbone and heart of the Lokerse Feesten!

Below you will find an overview of our posters and artists of the past years.

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