Gucci Mane

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It’s easy to get lost trying to inventory the complete discography of the American rapper Gucci Mane, especially if you want to include all the records, mix tapes and collaborations of the man. We did read his autobiography where he talks about his not so soft encounters with the American judicial system. Conclusion: we wouldn’t exactly invite him to our daughter’s communion, but we would be more than happy to give her one of his albums. Each and every one of his albums is a collection of top-notch hip hop songs. Just listen to ‘Mr. Davis’ (2017), ‘Everybody looking’ (2016), ‘Curve’ (2017) and ‘Make love’ (2017), and we’re sure you’ll be dancing and rapping along in no time. Some of us really like the party tunes like ‘Street nigga’ or ‘Boom’, while others prefer the darker stuff like ‘I get the bag (featuring Migos). You can join Gucci Mane in his conquest of the European continent on Sunday 12 August at the Grote Kaai in Lokeren. Don’t get lost.

Listen on: Spotify.