Suicidal Tendencies

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These days when punk fans and metal heads meet, they generally greet each other with a firm handshake and a respectful bow. Very different from the 80s, when they could eat each other alive. Acting peacemaker at the time was Suicidal Tendencies, a band from Venice Beach that had been popular in the punk scene ever since the release of their self-titled debut album in 1983. When they came to Europe a few years later, their sound had become a crossover between hardcore punk and metal and that crossover was also noticeable among the audience. Mohican haircuts catching stagediving Anthrax fans, the Camp David Accords were nothing compared to this peace agreement. Numerous classic hits followed their rising success and fans are still very grateful for songs like ‘Possessed to skate’, ‘You can’t bring me down’, ‘War inside my head’ and ‘Institutionalized’. The Lokerse Feesten punk rock Wednesday will probably not be described as peaceful, but as long as you come in peace (and leave in one piece), you are all very welcome.