The Living End

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Probably one of the loudest sounds coming from down under. In the long Australian history of electric guitar generated noise, The Living End definitely deserves an honourable mention. The rebellious trio from Melbourne are not very popular with builders though, because they are notorious for tearing down the house. But if you like moshing and shouting along you should really check these guys out. The extra touch of psychobilly that they pour like whisky into their sound, makes them all the more likeable. And when you see bass player Scott Owen thumping away on his double bass, you’ll want to get your very own ducktail hairstyle. Their most recent album ‘Shift’ already dates back to 2016, but we consider The Living End our secret weapon as opening act on our punk rock Wednesday 8 August. As tough as Lemmy, as greasy as a Pontiac Firebird’s engine and as exciting as Sharon Stone’s leg-crossing scene in Basic Instinct.