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It still warms our heart when we think about the early 90s when the Norwegian roughnecks called Turbonegro came to the forefront to kick ass and make yet another attempt to revive punk rock. And boy did they succeed. Finally a band that could follow in the footsteps of punk rock heroes like The Dictators, Cheap Trick and Hanoi Rocks. They had a lot of success with their albums ‘Ass Cobra’ (1996), ‘Apocalypse dudes’ (1998) and ‘Scandinavian leather’ (2003) and managed to build out a very devoted fan base worldwide. That fan base is called the Turbojugend - a punk version of the Kiss Army - and you can recognize them by their jeans jackets with the familiar logo on the back. If you like decadence mixed with decibels and are not shocked by irreverent lyrics than you’ll definitely feel at home at a Turbonegro concert. They’ve also got a lot of humour, but not the kind you’ll see or hear in prime time. Their music is downright grubby, exquisitely melodious and loud… very loud. Turbonegro will give our punk rock day (Wednesday 8 August) that extra touch of ‘kids not allowed’ feeling, with an extra push of rancidity and a set list full of fantastic songs.