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Own transport

By car

Lokeren is very easily accessible via the E17, exit 12, Dendermondebaan/Zelebaan or N70.

You can park in industrial zone E17/1.

Our shuttle is located in the Dijkstraat and it will take you to the festival grounds and back for only 4 euro.

The shuttle buses start their journeys one hour and a half before the first performance on the main stage and the last pick up after the concert is at 2.30 am.

Bicycle & motorcycle

If you don't live too far, we recommend you to come to the centre by bike or motorbike. Bicycle parking is available at the railway station and in the Sportlaan (both unguarded). Motorbike parking is provided in the Sportlaan. The Sportlaan is in the immediate vicinity of the festival grounds.

Vip, guests, artists

The car parks for vip, guests and artists are best reached via the E17 Ghent-Antwerp - exit 12 (Lokeren).

Keep following the signposts at the exits and the Zelebaan.

These car parks are only accessible with a special authorisation or voucher.

- Vip-parking + shuttle: Toekomstlaan 18 (subject to change)

- Parking Peperkoek

- Parking Sportlaan

- Parking Zwembad (backstage/stage)

Arriving by train

Going by train to the Lokerse Feesten? Then you have made the right choice!

Take the train to the Lokerse Feesten and get off at Lokeren station. You can continue to the festival grounds on foot, as it is only at 5 minutes walking distance from the station.

For festival goers using the campsite, there is a shuttle bus between the campsite and the station in Lokeren, both in the evening and at night.

Which railway ticket should you buy?

Before boarding the train you need to have a valid SNCB ticket (no ticket - no train).

Buy your ticket for your outward and return journey before you leave for the Lokerse Feesten.

SNCB offers very interesting travel formulas: Go Pass 10, Go Pass 1 and Go Unlimited* for festival goers younger than 26 or a Rail Pass for those older than 26. For shorter distances, the extended Weekend ticket with 50% discount can be more advantageous. Of course you must take into account the conditions of use and validity.

On the SNCB website (section Transport Tickets - Search Tickets & Subscriptions), a price module makes it very easy for you to choose the most economical option from the different formulas.

Plan your trip

With the handy journey planner you can easily find the timetable of all trains on or on the SNCB app, which you can download for free from the App Store / Google Play Store / Windows Store.

All information on:

Return trip: first departure from Lokeren (subject to change!) Always check the sncb-website!


For all questions and problems related to ticket sales, please contact: or or the helpdesk at the evening ticket booths at the entrance of the festival grounds.

Beware of fraud!

Buy your tickets only through our official sales channels. This is the only way to be 100% sure that your tickets are valid.

If you have one or more tickets available due to illness or double purchase, or if you are still looking for tickets from a sold-out concert, only visit the completely reliable TICKETSWAP website. Here you can safely offer or purchase tickets.



Day tickets in presale are available at Tickoweb.

Administration and transaction costs are included in the ticket price.

Customers of Belfius, ABN Amro, Postbank, Rabobank Nederland and SNS Bank can order tickets via online banking.

ATTENTION: Do not fold or damage tickets. This may result in refusal of entry. Your ticket is checked and registered electronically when it is presented at the entrance. Any form of reproduction is therefore impossible, because every ticket has a unique QR code. Only tickets purchased through the official channels can be accepted at the entrance.

If you are younger than 12 (11 years and 364 days), you can enter the festival grounds in the evening for free. A ticket is not necessary.

If you are younger than 14 (13 years and 364 days), you must always be accompanied by an adult.

At the box office

You can always buy tickets at the ticket booths at the entrance of the festival grounds on the evening itself - both for the main stage and the Indoor Stage - as long as there are tickets available. These cost 3 to 5 euros extra compared to the presale price.

Evening tickets for the main stage include admission to the Indoor Stage.

You can also buy tickets for the following days at these ticket booths (at presale price).


A 10-day combi-ticket (subscription) is strictly personal in the form of a fabric entry band that grants and guarantees access for 10 days to one and the same person. Passing it on is therefore not possible! The combi-ticket gives you access to both festival areas.

Like every year, the number of combi-tickets is limited, so don't wait too long to buy them.

With the 10-day combi-ticket you are always guaranteed access to our main stage on the Grote Kaai.

You also have access to our Indoor Stage (if the maximum capacity is reached, it can be temporarily closed).

Have the barcode of your 10-day combi-ticket activated at one of the ticket booths at the entrance of the festival grounds. After scanning you will receive a fabric wristband. Fasten the wristband securely around your wrist. It gives you access to the festival site every day.

If you bought a 10-day combi-ticket in advance, you can pick up your wristband one day before the official opening of the festival (between 6 pm and 9 pm) at the entrance ticket booths. You can also get drink and food vouchers at that time. Bancontact payment is possible!

Drink vouchers (10 Drinks/Food) can only be exchanged at the entrance ticket booths! This is not possible at the ticket offices on the festival site.


Enjoy the concerts in an exclusive and covered 3-meter-high setting, with a beautifully decorated terrace Vip-deck, to the right-hand side of the stage

  • Magnificent view of the stage
  • Wide variety of beverages at affordable prices and served in real glasses
  • A heart-warming welcome with a free glass of champaign by our friendly hostesses until 8.30 pm.
  • Table service by our hostesses.
  • Free snacks and sandwiches after 11 pm.
  • Entrance as from 7 pm, unless earlier programmed
  • Separate VIP box office
  • Permanent access to VIP area
  • Free parking & VIP shuttle service
  • Invoicing for package and purchase of drinks available online.
  • Price depends on the day. Go to the order site and check the daily price (no obligation to buy).
  • Children always pay.

CLUB ARRANGEMENT (incl. dinner)


  • Free parking & VIP shuttle service
  • Sign in from 6 pm at VIP & CLUB counter
  • Entrance and reception through VIP-area: 6.15 pm
  • Punctuality is highly appreciated because of the service timing
  • Separate terrace at 3 meter height, extra lounge area
  • Aperitif, amuse bouche, starter, main course & dessert. Red and white quality wine, water, soft drinks & lager included until the coffee is served
  • After the coffee: opportunity to lounge and network in the quiet and summery atmosphere of our top festival
  • Wide range of drinks and liquors **
  • LED screens make sure you don't miss a thing of the performances
  • Always the possibility to move to the VIP area (covered) or the grounds.
  • Separate CLUB wristband
  • After the coffee, move to the CLUB terrace, VIP deck or grounds
  • Invoicing and booking online available with minimum of 2 persons
  • Price depends on the day. Go to the order site and check the daily price (without obligation)
  • Children always pay
  • Vegetarian, allergic or vegan? Please report this at least 3 days before your visit by sending an email to 
  • If not reported in advance, the chef reserves the right to reject your request on the spot.
  • (** not included in the package)


Food and drinks are paid for with tickets! These tickets are valid both on the festival site and at the Indoor Stage. Tickets can be purchased at the various LF ticket offices on the grounds and remain valid for the entire 10-day period. Tickets can also be purchased on the VIP deck and in the Backstage Café.

There is only one kind of ticket and they are valid to buy both food and drinks.

Please note: drink vouchers (10 Drinks/Food) can only be exchanged for tickets at the ticket booths at the entrance! This is not possible at the ticket offices inside the festival grounds.

Bancontact payment is possible.

One day before the official opening of the festival, our ticket offices are open and you can already get a good (starting) supply of drink/food tickets.

Drink/Food tickets (or tokens, cards, digital tokens) from previous years are no longer valid and will not be exchanged or refunded.


The value of your old ticket corresponds to a discount for this edition. To redeem your old ticket/voucher, you need the barcode number on your purchased ticket. You will find this 20-digit barcode number on your ticket to the right of the QR code (see image).

Ordering is very simple:

Go to our ticket site

Order your tickets and drink vouchers

In the last step of the ordering process you enter the barcode number. The (remaining) value of your 2020 ticket will be deducted from the total amount.


Lokerse Feesten is very accessible for people with physical disabilities. We also have a wheelchair platform. Would you like to experience the concerts from this stage? Buy your tickets via this link.

Lokerse Feesten put in great efforts to make the festival accessible for people with physical disabilities. We pay attention to the accessibility of the site and its surroundings:

Close to the entrance, there are reserved parking spaces for cars of people with wheelchairs.

ATTENTION: Only available to people who bought tickets via this link. A blue card is not sufficient. Other less mobile people should use our shuttle buses.

There is a covered and elevated stage that allows wheelchair users, people with crutches, etc. to better watch the performances.

We have accessible and adapted toilets.

People with a disability can call on an ADL assistant free of charge to assist with practical matters such as using the toilet, moving around, buying food, etc.

You can find an ADL assistant near the wheelchair lift. Anyone wishing to make use of these facilities or requiring further information can contact the assistance team at

Please also note the following practical arrangements:

Own chairs are not allowed on the grounds.

Exceptionally, medically required chairs are allowed. These chairs are only allowed at the platform and with a medical certificate. In that case, please report to security who will call the ADL assistant to let you through.

One person can accompany you on the wheelchair platform. On quiet evenings, exceptions can be made.

Lokerse Feesten is growing every year in terms of bands and spectators. The more the merrier. But... On very popular evenings our wheelchair platform can become overcrowded. In that case, we ask the escorts to leave the stage. This way, everyone who needs our services can make use of them.

On very popular evenings it is possible that we ask less mobile persons to leave the stage. Wheelchair users always get priority to use the stage together with his/her PAB assistant. Fortunately, this is the exception rather than the rule.



Lokerse Feesten take place at the Grote Kaai in Lokeren - close to the city centre.

The entrance of the Indoor Stage is in the Sportlaan, at about 150m from the main entrance.

The whole area is traffic-free.


Depending on the start of the first performance (7 pm or 8 pm) the box office opens at 6 pm or 6.30 pm (on Sunday 2 August at 15.15 pm). The doors open at 6.30 pm or 7 pm (on Sunday 2 August at 3.30 pm). The performances on the main stage (evening programme) usually start between 7 pm and 8 pm, and we continue every night until 2.30 am. At the Indoor Stage, we start at 9pm every night, unless otherwise indicated. In the weekend we go on there until 5 am (Friday and Saturday nights). On weekdays, until 2.30 am.


With a combi-ticket or a ticket bought in advance you are guaranteed entrance. A 10-day combi-ticket or evening ticket (for the main stage) guarantees access to both the festival grounds and the Studio Brussel Indoor Stage. We do not sell more tickets than the capacity of our site (approximately 15,000 visitors). Evening tickets are sold as long as stocks last. An evening can be sold out in advance. If this happens, it will be announced in time on our website and through the media.

What is not allowed on the terrain?


Buy a ticket at one of our ticket booths at the entrance or present the ticket(s) you bought in presale. You will receive a wristband for each ticket purchased. Fasten your wristband securely, go to the entrance and have it checked. You can enter and leave the premises all evening.


Be on time! Our venue - the Indoor Stage - has a limited capacity. On some evenings, this means that the hall can be full at peak times, and we will temporarily close the entrance. If you have bought a separate "Indoor Stage Only" ticket for this hall, you are guaranteed to get in until 11.30 pm.  Once it is quieter - or there is space again - you can of course re-enter the hall with any ticket!


If you are younger than 12, you can enter the festival grounds in the evening for free. If you are younger than 14, you must always be accompanied by an adult.


Have the barcode of your 10-day combi-ticket activated at one of the ticket booths at the entrance of the festival grounds. After the 'scan' you will receive a fabric wristband. Fasten the band securely around your wrist, it will give you access to the festival site every day. You can also pick up your fabric wristband one day before the official opening of the festival (between 6 and 9 pm). You can also get drink and food tickets at that time. Bancontact payment is possible! Drinks vouchers (10 Drinks/Food) can only be exchanged at the entrance gates! This is not possible at the drink/food ticket offices within the festival zone.


The campsite is situated on a terrain right behind the railway station of Lokeren. Perfectly accessible by public transport, and at only a 5-minute walk from our festival site.

Come with your own tent (E.T.), sleep like a log in the Kapi Tip up Tent (price always for 2 persons, even if you come alone. Please bring your sleeping bag and pillow) or choose a Kapi Tip up Tent De Luxe (price always for 2 people, even if you come alone. You don't have to bring anything: a fully made up bed and a terrace with chairs are ready for you).

Use of the showers and sanitary facilities is included in your camping ticket.

E.T. = Own Tent: you are a real camper and provide all your own equipment.

Kapi Tip up Tent: a trendy sleeping unit for 2, including mattress. Don't forget your pillow and sleeping bag!

KAPI TIP up TENT De Luxe = Everything is ready and waiting for you in your own fancy sleeping unit: mattress made up with pillows, duvet, accompanied by a night-light, but also a terrace with awning and 2 beach chairs.

Tickets available via the official ticket site (no offline sales this year).

Nuttige info