Transportation and Parking

Own transport

By car

Lokeren is easily accessible via the E17, exit 12, Dendermondebaan/Zelebaan or N70.
Parking is possible in industrial zone E17/1.

Our shuttle is located in the Dijkstraat and will take you to the festival and back for only 3 euros.

The shuttle-buses start their rides an hour and a half before the first performance on the main stage and pick you up one last time at 2h30 at night.

Keep your bus-shuttleticket as it’s also good for a FREE CHEESEBURGER* at Mc Donalds Lokeren! (*action subject to change)

Bicycle & motorcycle

If you do not live too far away, we advise you to take your bike or motorbike to the city centre. Bicycle parks can be found at the station and in the Sportlaan (both unguarded). Motorbike parking is provided in the Sportlaan. The Sportlaan is in the immediate vicinity of the Lokerse Feesten terrain.

VIP, guests, artists

The car parks for VIP, guests, artists are best accessible via the E17 Ghent-Antwerp – exit 12 (Lokeren)
Always follow the signposts at the exits and the Zelebaan.

These car parks are only accessible with separate permission or voucher.

VIP parking + shuttle: Toekomstlaan 18
Parking Gingerbread
Parking Sportlaan
Parking Swimming pool (backstage/internship)

By train

Are you going to the Lokerse Feesten by train? Then you make the right choice!
Take the train to the Lokerse Feesten and get off at Lokeren station. From there you can continue on foot to the festival. The Lokerse Feesten grounds are a 5-minute walk from the station.
For festival-goers who use the campsite there is a shuttle bus between the campsite and Lokeren station, both in the evening and at night.
With which ticket?

Before boarding the train you must of course be in possession of a valid SNCB ticket (no ticket – no train).
Buy one before you leave for the Lokerse Feesten for your outward and return journey.

NMBS offers you very interesting travel formulas: Go Pass 10, Go Pass 1 and Go Unlimited* for festival-goers younger than 26 years and Rail Pass for older people. For shorter distances, the extended Weekend ticket can be cheaper with a 50% discount. Of course you must take into account the conditions of use and validity.
On the SNCB website (Tickets Youngmanaged Search Tickets & Subscriptions) you can use a price module to make your most advantageous choice from the various products in a very simple way.
Plan your trip

With the handy journey planner you can easily find the timetables of all trains on or on the SNCB app which you download for free from the App Store / Google Play Store / Windows Store.
All information on:

Return journey: first departure from Lokeren

Gent-Sint-Pieters Dendermonde Sint-Niklaas Antwerpen Centraal
Week 05:10 – 05:33 05:10 – 05:33 04:51 – 04:59 04:51 – 05:23
Weekend 05:44 – 06:07 07:15 – 07:29 06:51 – 06:59 06:51 – 07:23

Night buses

Back home? After an evening of Lokerse Feesten this is not always that easy. We have now adapted a sleeve to that: Every evening, night buses depart in all directions from Lokeren.
Ticket required to buy in advance: only 7,5€.

Departure from Lokeren: 02.45 hours
Departure point: De Lijn station at SNCB station Lokeren (5 to 10 minutes walk from the festival site).

LIJN 1: Expresbus naar Antwerpen Berchem
LIJN 2: Zeveneken Kerk, Lochristi, P&R Oostakker en eindhalte Gent Dampoort
LIJN 3: Sinaai station, Belsele Station, St Niklaas Station, St Niklaas De Ster en eindhalte Beveren Station

There is no outward journey provided or included in this ticket. For this we advise you to use public transport, by bus or train.

We can keep the cost price as low as this thanks to a subsidy from the provincial government of East Flanders.

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