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  • Origin: Belgium
  • Socials:


The last time we went to see 2manydjs we said, oh well, we just saw Kraftwerk here - one of the Seven Wonders of Pop Music - so we watch it for about ten minutes and leave in the direction of the tent. You know it? You understand that, of course, that turned out completely different again. The brothers were two minutes in and we were screaming our vocal cords towards the dumpster park during "I wanna be your dog. And the concept is familiar: once 2manydjs' train leaves you stay seated to experience all the stations. Well, stay seated. Although we had donned a Minor Threat t-shirt, we were still just standing around silly to 'Ma Baker' by Boney M (trust us, it was not a sight) or a song by Rosalía. You know, this is only a very limited summary, 2manydjs is a factory that makes dreams come true and that makes the fiercest supporters of Club Brugge or KFC Merelbeke dance to 'La Gantoise', while the hang moustache of your father, dressed in a t-shirt of Deep Purple, floats up and down to the beat of a song of Vitalic, of Boys Noize or Tiga. Anything goes! The BRT should come up with a program about such a dream factory, Bart Peeters might have some time now that he is not playing in Lokeren this year. Conclusion: after all these years, 2manydjs remains the very best duo to invite to your party. Everyone happy, everyone energized for a week. The brothers wave you off on Friday, August 9. You will find us at the very front, bring a goblet for should they play Boney M again, you are going to laugh yourself a kilo of cherries.