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Axel Demarbaix wasn't even born yet when the legendary LPs of Goldie, Reprazent and Grooverider topped the year-end lists of the better music magazines. People who were going nuts about drum'n bass at the time cried loud as a vuvuzela that the genre was just a candy that would be spit out as soon as another delicacy hit the shelves. To the regret of those who envied it, however, drum'n bass proved to be a keeper and a new wave of talent has been washing up every few years since. Such is the case with Demarbaix, who as ANDROMEDIK leads a brand-new batch of star DJs and in the meantime managed to plant the Belgian flag in all kinds of overseas territories. A tour of New Zealand, for example, how many compatriots have already done that to him? His recipe for success is built with equal parts nervous beats, beautiful melodies and a salvo of climaxes that make you dance until your legs feel like overcooked penne. Why Andromedik? Call around until you get a hold of someone who saw him busy at Tomorrowland and ask him or her if anyone is better placed to stoke the euphoria that keeps your young body burning after hours of Glints, De La Soul, Nas and The Prodigy for another seventy minutes or so. To be experienced with us on Thursday, August 8.