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Anfisa Letyago



Among the DJs/Producers who have had the most impact on the global dance/electronic scene in recent years, Anfisa Letyago has managed to transform her underground roots into a unique and multi-purpose sound, which has allowed her to gain support and build collaborations with icons like Moby, Carl Cox, Swedish House Mafia and many others. A personal but at the same time unique vision combined with extreme sensitivity allows Anfisa to perform in the most iconic clubs of the underground scene and in the most important electronic festivals in the world, increasingly establishing herself as one of the most recognized artists in the world. Anfisa's artistic journey begins in Naples, a one-of-a-kind city with an important club movement that made history in the house/techno scene. Fascinated by this scene in its full ferment, Anfisa embarked on a journey first as a clubber and then as a music selector already in 2009. Thanks to this background and an immense love for the Neapolitan capital Anfisa started her NSDA Label in 2021, dedicated to mystical charm of Nisida, an island close to the Neapolitan coast but inaccessible to man, among the symbolic places for Anfisa in which to find inspiration. Her EPs 'Nisida' and 'Listen' were released through NSDA in the same year. Also in 2021 she releases her album 'Rhythm Tension' on one of the most important German labels Kompakt. And in 2022 her single 'Haze'. Also in 2022 Anfisa remixes Moby's iconic song 'GO' on the most important classical music label Deutsche Grammophon. Anfisa's DJ sets are a real journey through unique and timeless sounds and the most intimate parts of the artist which, combined with her great energy, creates an experience out of the ordinary, without time and barriers.