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For the older generation, of course, there is only one Anne-Marie that matters: Anne-Marie Van Zwollem, the impossibly beautiful blonde who graced some of the old Suske & Wiske stories, which made us jealous of Lambik too. You know how confrontational it is when they raise a disdainful eyebrow and hiss the dreaded word Boomer. And they are right, because the Anne-Marie that today's youth is kneeling before en masse is, of course, the English pop phenomenon of the same name, the Anne-Marie who, after the stages of Rock Werchter and (more than once) Pukkelpop, will also take the stage of the Lokerse Feesten on Sunday, August 11, and plant her flag there. Formerly successful artists became members of the Mile High Club or, unfortunately, the 27 Club, Anne-Marie, on the other hand, is more than happy to be in a coupleoton of artists who have been streamed more than a billion times via Spotify. Now don't pretend to be surprised, the list of hits that Anne-Marie can count to her credit is extremely long and the enumeration of friends who have already been allowed to sign her poetry album (Shania Twain, Clean Bandit, David Guetta, Rudimental, Ed Sheeran, ...) is mostly causing drool to appear at the corners of your and our mouths. A superstar, quoi. Anne-Marie likes to see everyone but those who dare to analyze her lyrics know: if you're a guy who cheats on his girlfriend, you'd better look elsewhere that Sunday because with the number of eggs she has to peel with you, you'll fry a pancake or three hundred. Anyway, for those who like and are eager for good vibes, we offer you the chance to come and dance to the party tunes of 'Unhealthy', 'Baby don't hurt me', 'Friends' or 'Rewrite the stars'.  What do you call something like that again? The Talking Testament (Suske & Wiske, with a supporting role by Anne-Marie Van Zwollem, number 42, 1958) says: the pop party of the year.