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Club Studio Brussel


I see I see what you don't see: I see fado, the national lament of Portugal, I see subtle indie and an occasional streak of ambient, I see a shipload of melancholy, I see the musical accompaniment of a broken heart, I see a singer - Brenda Corijn - who possesses a set of golden vocal chords that seem to be maintained by the best piano tuners, and I see a set list that, although compiled by a very young band, contains a few top hits that would not be out of place in Radio1's Low Countries List. I see, in other words, the wonderful group Ão, a band that may dream of years of glory on Spotify and of a few compilation records within a decade or two. Further, although they are Belgian like Stella Artois or mints of Trefin, no frontiersman will ever be able to prevent them from breaking through worldwide. Until then, you can admire Ão extensively by listening to debut "Ao Mar" (2023), a heavenly beautiful medicine against all the wartime woe, online croaking and cynical doom-mongering that hounds us like lemmings toward the abyss. Give us anyway the intense beauty of, say, "Meninas," "Mulher" or "More," thank you very much. I see what you too will see: Ão, in fact, can be admired at our Club Studio Brussel on Wednesday, August 7. Bring a handkerchief to ease the humidity in the corners of your eyes.