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And now soccer. The band BLUAI not only won HUMO's Rock Rally, they also won the gold medals to be won by De Nieuwe Lichting ánd Sound Track. That's like Royale Union Saint-Gilloise winning the Belgian title, the Croky Cup AND the Conference League! BLUAI is described as an Antwerp band but has roots in Beveren-Waas, a patch of land that is considered part of the hinterland of the Waasland. And the Waasland, that really is the Mississippi of Belgium. Not that we are wielding lassoes here, but we still don't turn our heads for a veranda on which someone in a rocking chair plays a pedal steel or banjo. Moreover, the three ladies who populate BLUAI are called Cath, Caitlin and Mo, three first names that could just as well be in The Fate of Huckleberry Finn or any other Mark Twain masterpiece. OK, so what do all these awards bring? Well, when we put debut LP "Save it for later" (2024) on the gramophone, we can only judge that the ladies haven't even won enough awards, and all the promises they've piled up over the last few years are all fulfilled. Ten songs we count, and around the necks of all ten we hang a sign that reads "Potential radio hit." Pretty, prettier, prettiest: we're going for "In over my head," "Not the one" and "Sad boy, angry boy," but of course you're free to fill in your own three stage spots. Only we are organizing this festival so we hope that our list of request songs weighs a little more than yours.  Belgian champion, the cup, European champion and an excellent LP, who wouldn't support such a band? Make your way with your banners, horns and scarves to our main stage on Wednesday, August 7, where BLUAI will open the festivities.