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Let's throw in some lucky numbers right away. Clouseau gets to blow out forty (!) candles this year. Clouseau is also coming to the Lokerse Feesten for the thirteenth (!) time and if the European Union would provide fifteen francs plus three guilders for every spectator who has ever been to the Sportpaleis to see Clouseau live, we could eradicate famine in at least three countries. We would also have loved to calculate you the group's number of hits but when we were recently laptop-less on the train between Brussels and Lokeren, trying to list all their top singles with a stylus and a notepad, our Bic was empty just after we passed Zele station. You are the people who applaud them en masse and shower them with flowers, gold, myrrh and frankincense. Sometimes you also pelt them with women's underwear but Koen explicitly asked us not to mention that anymore so as not to give you any ideas. Well, no cultural form is as subject to trends and youthful whims as pop music but all that seems to have no grip on Clouseau. We just want to say: it wasn't during the sets of The Killers or Limp Bizkit that the youth present at Pukkelpop ruined their vocal cords for several weeks lol, the real euphoria was saved for Billie Eilish and Clouseau that weekend. So Clouseau is coming to Lokeren again. Why? They love us, you love them and they love you. It was, in other words, all decided rather quickly. Mind you, John Lennon once said that The Beatles were bigger than Jesus and since Clouseau is bigger than Lennon in Flanders, that can only mean one thing: an unseen rush for tickets. A forewarned fan is worth two.