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Compact Disk Dummies



Hold on to the branches of the trees which, by the way, you won't find in our parking lot upgraded to festival grounds, the COMPACT DISK DUMMIES are coming! Introducing them = insulting them because we've been past that phase for a few festival seasons now. Some personal opinions then perhaps? We weigh our words here until our tongue feels like an old battery, but the Compact Disk Dummies, after a succession of growth shoots, are quietly becoming the most successful Rock Rally winner we can currently muster. Perhaps the best ever, too. We deposit that bold statement based on the CDD playlist Spotify presents us with every weekday. Working while listening to world-class songs like "fomo," "The Reeling" or "Cry for me," before you know it everything between nine and five is one long coffee and dance break. Anyway, for those who have spent the last decade on an oil rig without wifi: the duo Compact Disk Dummies consists of two brothers: Janus Coorevits is the man to keep an eye on if you don't want to lose your wife because when it comes to turning the right knobs, he is unbeatable. Ours should already stay away from him. Lennert Coorevits on the other hand is the man to keep an eye on if you don't want to lose your wife.  The way he screams on stage, that's a shaman on speed. The gymnastics teacher at your old school who was so enthusiastic and hyperkinetic that by the third week of September you threw your sneakers in the ring, you couldn't follow him anyway. The most famous Belgian curmudgeon also since Joe Roxy, the world-renowned poet from Limburg. Together they form a duo of such golden value that the emir of Qatar has been offering himself as manager for years. The Compact Disk Dummies will play at our place on Saturday, Aug. 3, along with Vitalic, Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul and Phoenix. Find us a summer day with more gooey vibes and we'll come wash your bike or scooter for a year.