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De La Soul



So if we're going to sprinkle living legends around, we'd better be generous and so we thought: let's give DE LA SOUL another call, now that they're at the Club of 27. It's to be said, it's been 27 years since they gave us one of the very best hip-hop concerts ever held in this country, and there's nothing to suggest they won't succeed a second time. De La Soul are survivors of the second wave of hip-hop. You know, when N.W.A., Public Enemy and Ice-T were throwing paving stones and Molotov cocktails and De La Soul were throwing daisies. The former served raw meat, from De La Soul you got pancake with banana and chocolate on your plate. And it's not that Posdnuos, Trugoy the Dove and Mase were content with the title of one hit wonders, no because after masterpiece "3 feet high and rising" (1989) came "De La Soul is dead" (1991) and that was then followed up by "Buhloone mindstate" (1993) and before you know it you get dizzy with the genius this group pulls off time and time again. De La Soul will be playing with us on the same night as The Prodigy, and as calamity has not spared the British sensation, De La Soul has also seen the loss of an absolute standout with Trugoy. Celebrate life, and give the remaining members the love they deserve and what they crossed an ocean for after all. By the way, where many other rappers keep all their good ideas in a nightstand or a kitchen drawer, those of De La Soul have had a built-in wall cabinet seventeen feet by two feet built because just now we stopped at "Buhloone mindstate" but know that after that they have fabricated such unadulterated masterpieces as "Stakes is high" (1996) and "The grind date" (2004). In other words, we're getting hip-hop royalty on the floor.  De La Soul plays at our house on Thursday, Aug. 8. And that day you will not only experience De La Soul (1), but also The Prodigy (2) and third, Nasty Nas.  Three top acts that will earn Lokeren the status of a three-star resort on a weekday Thursday because three, as you know, is the magic number.