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Club Studio Brussel


When, long ago, we were seventeen, we were happy to finally discover that we had to push a BiFi out of the thin layer of plastic wrap before eating the sausage. Compare with Ise, stage name of Ise Smeets from Bree, who, at seventeen, has already had a whole list of personal successes to note on her curriculum vitae in Italic Bold Fonts. Support acts for Starsailor or Jack Vamp are fun in themselves, but Miss Ise is, for example, the youngest artist to ever perform at Bospop (Netherlands), won all kinds of Magyaren hearts during Sziget, played a home match at Pukkelpop, not only won competitions in the Netherlands but also went for gold in De Nieuwe Lichting and above all, she poured an overflowing bucket of goosebumps over Spotify with her stunning single 'Goodbye letter' (2024). A guitar, a voice, a presence to hoist herself without embarrassment next to Polly Jean Harvey and on top of that a lot of other reasons why you should be at our Club Studio Brussel on Wednesday August 7 to discover this youthful genius.