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Jah Wobble Plays Metal Box

Club Studio Brussel


After the mess punk created in guideland England, by 1978 it was time for something different.  It was a few brave citizens who knocked the dust off their torn t-shirts and set to work on genres that had already proven themselves over the previous years. Jamaican immigrant-imported bliss like ska and dub, for example, American kettle noise à la Captain Beefheart or German krautrock, the most radical sounds our eastern neighbors have produced since JETZT GEHT'S LOS!!! and JAWOOOHL cries, a second or two after the Prussians saw Napoleon arriving at Waterloo and immediately rushed at it. Enter Public Image Limited, a supergroup with a sex pistol and a clash in the spire that chopped up most of those ingredients with lots of butter and cobbled together two of the best records of the 1970s. The bassist on "First issue" (1978) and "Metal box" (1979) is named JAH WOBBLE, a childhood friend of the boys Rotten and Vicious who is responsible for the mighty bass sound in such world-class songs as "Albatross," "Death disco" and especially "Poptones," eight minutes of unadulterated emotion. But how is it when you have to work with someone called Rotten: rushes can't be packed fast enough and you go your own way. Wobble's solo career proved viable and resistant to a thousand and one trends. However, the man is also just a sixty-something like any other and already likes to look back. To 1979, for example, to a record that deserves to chase generations more of music lovers onto a dance floor to let loose there that it has no name. In other words, Jah Wobble will serve you the finest moments from P.I.L.'s second LP, on Sunday, August 4 at our Club Studio Brussel. Put on dirty pants for when you plan to kneel with gratitude, it's not like we mop that room every day or anything.