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Massive Attack



Did your mother ever tell you the fairy tale about Bristol just before bedtime? One story is that of an ancient city along the River Avon, set in a beautiful setting of static buildings like the Victoria Rooms or medieval pubs. You walk past dark clubs where people still appreciate records by The Pop Group or Glaxo Babies. Már, where every few years the sleeping yet good-hearted giant named MASSIVE ATTACK rises up, to camp in a studio for several weeks and then travel the world. Everywhere the giant is welcomed with open arms and eye corners full of emotion, after all, we live in troubled and warring times, and it is just then that people need an hour and a half of Massive Attack, whose lyrics often act like a bottle and a half of Mercurochrome on an open wound. As such, the boys of Massive Attack are wisemen and doves of peace who spread their message through steaming bass and beats that are manufactured with a handbrake, but do all the more wonders for the sultry atmosphere their concerts strive to create. So Massive Attack doesn't do it with Fuck You I won't do what you tell me-grunting, this somewhat mysterious band tackles it more subtly and aiming for swaying hips, although with them the guitars often sound sharp as a worn-out grinder. Countless trophy cases full of awards has earned them that but what would you want, when your palmares include "Blue Lines" (1991), "Protection" (1994), "Mezzanine" (1998), "100th window" (2003) and "Heligoland" (2010). Five unadulterated masterpieces in a row, then you belong to the almost extinct family of Beatles/Bowie-like artists. The giant comes to Lokeren on Saturday, August 10, to translate the fairy tale of Bristol to that of Lokeren, the old town on the Durme River, where you stroll past such static buildings as the rococo-style town hall or the beautiful pepper mill church on the market square, and where, for an hour and a half, everyone can appreciate the best of five Massive classics.