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New Yorkers may shuffle to the polls every few years to elect a new mayor, but only one can call himself the king, and that has been NAS since 1994. In that year, the celebrated hip-hop god released "Illmatic," and that record is the Taj Mahal, the Pyramid of Cheops and the Palace of Versailles of American hip-hop. Take cover because our bag of metaphors is not even empty yet: a big bang, a kick in the nuts and a flagship, often imitated, matched only by a handful of hip-hop geniuses. "Illmatic" was just the starting gun of the impressive race that the king of New York has been running for 30 years. Running shoes that man has already worn out! On average, he drops a new record every two years, and each time it is accompanied by solid elbow work among editors of The Source, or Pitchfork in order to be the first to hand out at least four stars out of five. It is not the first time we have received royalty here (Prince Buster, Christine & The Queens, Kings of Leon, ...) but for this monarch we are going to provide all the honors that the maker of, say, 'It ain't hard to tell', 'Street dreams', 'I can' or 'Hip hop is dead' has earned.  On Thursday, August 8, NAS is coming to teach his master course in hip hop. Registration is now available, subject to ticket purchase.